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Eighty-eight assessments (12 every CCC) have been taken on throughout Year 2, again with the bulk (94%) implying outstanding overall performance by the CCCs. Table Two CCC evaluations summarized from A single and a couple of years Review yr Rating Vitals Simply no. (Per cent) History having No. (Per-cent) Using Personal digital assistant Zero. (%) Clinical common sense Absolutely no. (Per-cent) H
Eighty-eight evaluations (Eleven every CCC) had been performed within Calendar year A couple of, again with all the vast majority (94%) implying excellent performance through the CCCs. Stand 2 CCC assessments summarized from One and a couple of decades Examine calendar year Score Vitals No. (%) Historical past having Zero. (Per-cent) Using Personal digital assistant Absolutely no. (Per cent) Clin is an open source content management system that lets you easily create your own social network.



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